The Solution is Jiffy-Fix!

Jiffy-Fix is the easy way to permanently repair or prevent the Belleville washer and tube failure. Jiffy-Fix will work with both Front and Rear engine buses. The Jiffy-Fix high strength fitting and tube were built to OE specs, and have been made to withstand the toughest conditions without failure.

Click on photo for larger image.

Click on photo for larger image.

Quality Made Precision Fitting

Jiffy-Fix fitting is precision machined to be one of the highest quality fittings on the market. The Jiffy-Fix fitting features the quick release fluid fitting that makes installation simple yet provides a superior connection.

Jiffy-Fix Makes The Repair Easy*

The unique Jiffy-Fix fitting makes the repair quick and easy with minimal loss of fluids and minimum time required to complete. Jiffy-Fix gives you the total solution including step-by-step instructions and rubber plugs for holding fluids during repair process.

Repair can be completed in a few easy steps

1. Remove Retaining Clip and Hose from fitting.

2. Remove broken belleville washer fitting.

Rubber plugs are provided for holding fluid while completing repair.

3. Install new Jiffy-Fix fitting.

4. Reconnect hose fitting.

See the Literature & Instructions page for instructions and information available for download.

* CAUTION, IMPORTANT WARNING, You must service these fittings one side at a time, failure to do so will result in the transmission cooler falling down into the radiator tank*

Jiffy-Fix Reusable Hose Fitting

Reusable Hose Fitting

For the complete solution Jiffy-Fix also offers a high-quality replacement hose fitting. Replacing the hose fitting insures both sides of the connection are new and provides a worry-free repair.


Complete Jiffy-Fix solution with Reusable Hose Fitting

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For detailed instructions on utilizing the Jiffy-Fix reusable hose fitting, click here.