Does Your Bus Have This Problem?

Many of today's buses have a radiator with plastic tanks. In most cases there is a steel or aluminum fitting that passes through the plastic tank and creates a seal with the aluminum cooler inside the radiator. This fitting connects to a fluid carrying tube, which carries the fluids to the radiator to be cooled. On many buses, a Belleville washer is used to keep the connection tight. We have found that both the Belleville washer and the fluid carrying tube could potentially fail, causing fluid leaks. It is estimated that at least 50,000 buses now on the road have the potential for this problem, or already have the problem and don't know it yet.

A number of factors can cause the tube and the fitting to corrode and fail. If this washer (fitting) or the fluid carrying tube that connects to it corrode or crack, leaks can occur. A bus that is leaking coolant will be grounded by the DOT, resulting in downtime and fleet disruptions. In some cases, you can have mixing of transmission fluid and coolant, which will lead to costly repair bills.

belleville washer
The Problem Part
Broken "Belleville Washer"

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Jiffy-Fix has developed a solution to this problem. They have designed a replacement fitting and tube to OE specs, which are made from stainless steel, and will not crack or corrode. These parts will provide you with a quick, economical fix to ensure a complete, long term repair.

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Detecting The Problem Can Be Difficult

One of the difficulties with the belleville washer problem is that it can be difficult to see the crack or broken piece. Many times attempts are made to just tighten the fitting, but with a cracked belleville washer pressure cannot be maintained and it will keep leaking. In order to see the cracked or broken part you may need to remove the hose and loosen the fitting to see the problem.

photo photo photo
Before fitting is loosened, it is hard to see the broken belleville washer. Loosen the fitting enough to relax belleville washer. Once the fitting is loosened, cracked or broken pieces become evident.

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